GGDB is the NES Game Genie Code Database, an open-source set of Perl scripts using MySQL to further the development of open-source Game Genie codes for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. To the developer's knowledge, all the codes contained within are free for use and modification. GGDB supports features to allow easy modification of a code.

View An Example GGDB - uses NES::GG and NES::PAR modules

NES::Dis6502 Demo - a disassembler

What is a Game Genie Code?

At first glance, Game Genie codes may appear be trivial backdoors put in by developers of the game which they modify. However, their structure is much more complicated than this, and Game Genie codes are created by third parties having no prior internal knowledge of the game. A Game Genie "code" actually modifies the programming of the game, similar to diff(1) patches. Consisting of (basically) two parts, an address and value, the address specifies what location to modify and the value is a 6502 opcode or operand or data. Thus, a creating a GG code can be considered programming; more so for multi-code codes. Although calling code creation "software development" is a quite a stretch from "programming", my goal is to bring the enthusiasm of software development to the art of Game Genie code creation.


On 2005-10-06, the databases were moved from MySQL 3 to SourceForge's MySQL 4 servers. All the data was preserved. The ggdb.cgi script appears to work flawlessly with the newer MySQL, but please contact me (jeffconnelly [AT] if any problems are found. Logo